Monday, December 29, 2008

Why are we here?
Why are we here ? I suppose this is the most asked question in this world.

Like in a famous Hollywood movie, the famous action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes these words “you’re born, you live and you die” , but why? Why are we born? Why do we live? [and now comes the most important of it] why do we die? Sometimes I strongly feel that the stories told by these movies have some serious connections with the reality. Thinking about these things will make you ask the next question Are we alone here in this infinite space?

Now also these movies scores, they show us creatures and other life forms from other corners of universe. Even though we don’t have any solid evidence to prove that life exists in other parts of the universe , scientists strongly believe that there is a high probability to find other life forms in near future. Most of these scientists hope to find life in a primitive form, but as far as I am concerned I always hope for the best!! Or think it like this way that some forms of life do exists in the universe, such that they are more advanced than us and they usually neglect us because we are some kind of cave people to them. Like in the Kevin spacey’s movie K-PAX “Earth is some kind of class b type of planet, so they don’t have any interest in us”. Is it like that? That they are watching us for all the time and they don’t really care about us. Thinking about all these stuff might make you a little too much confused, relax guys…..this is just the Beginning.

Let’s get back to the movies again, because the movies or the stories always inspire me to think about the origin, existence, future of ourselves[or the universe]. I find it quite interesting to think about the supernatural or out-of-world things, it’s my favorite pastime other than computers. I usually spent a few hours thinking about something like this everyday and I create my own answers to the various questions asked in this article, believe me guys it’s fun!!!